History of this website


I am lucky enough to be in a family that kept the oral histories alive and preserved much of the past's documentation. Looking at old family photos is like walking though history. Universal Studios in the 1920's. Egyptian pyramids in the 1930's. The legendary ocean liners like the Mauritania, Bremen or Queen Mary. We were there. We were there flying on the first commercial airliners. We were there on 9/11.

Over the course of many years I had tried to pull together all sorts of family documents and pictures. Having boxes lying was not the ideal situation for telling a story. And if the stories were not told they would be forgotten. I finally decided to gather everything together and organize it as on online project. By creating this website, I hope to tell our stories and preserve them for the future. I've seen a lot of other geneology sites that are dull. I'm trying to make this a site that is interesting and entertaining. The first priority is to get pictures scanned and loaded to the appropriate pages. After that filling in the details of the person. It's a time consuming process and I get to it as I have the time. I hope you enjoy it.